Full-Length Fantasy Novel

Scorned Prince: Book 1 of the Ringdweller Trilogy

Released: March 23, 2023 Length: 287 pages

A hated prince with few days to live. A rogue shaman girl vying for peace. His hatred of shamans and her rare magical talent will pit the two against each other.

The city state of Jehubal is on the verge of destruction when the enemy shaman tribe reawakens ancient, magical weapons, and Katsi Danan’s newfound power may be the only thing capable of bringing peace.

Hoping to regain his mother’s favor before she has him killed, Prince Migo Rikaydian is hunting Katsi down as his primary suspect of a recent murder. Katsi is no killer, but when she discovers that her former tribe is plotting to destroy the city, she must decide what price she’s willing to pay.

Get ready for an epic fantasy on a fun new world, filled with adventure, mystery, and a dash of romance.

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Scorned Prince

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